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Our Story

The world of Mrs. Plumbridge is based in a little village in leafy Surrey. It’s always been my passion to make my own cushions, fabric items for the home and gifts. For many years I have become addicted to sourcing vintage and second hand fabrics, I just love the feel of them and to renovate old things I find on my way around. I don't like seeing fabric and things thrown away that could be turned

into something different. It makes recycling things much more fun and everything has a story. Many of my items are in a limited amount as it depends on how much and what fabric I have found.

Have a look around this site to see what I have made and found.


I love all things nostalgic and generally things that make my life warm and homely. I like anything that triggers a sense of nostalgia and have always made most of my own soft furnishings from fabrics I either remember as a child, or pretty new designs I see. Many people who walk into my ‘Darling Buds of May’ world seem to love it so much and ask me to create things for them, or to make something, so after much response I decided to share my funny little world with others via my website.


Life can be very stressful and difficult at times and I think it's very important to create a warm

and very comforting place of our own in their piece of the world I hope you like mine.

Please note that some items with multiple fabrics may slightly differ, as using vintage fabrics availability may differ.

Welcome to my world – the world of Mrs Plumbridge!

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“Beautifully made, durable, & always brings a smile to the face of anyone who sees it and uses it… I'm reminded of those little ways in which life is made rosier. Keep up the good work!”

— Catherine

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