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Spring Is Here

Well folks spring I think is finally here, it's been a tough, long dark winter for everyone. I am so glad to see things sprouting, my willow tree is showing early signs of leaf and that's always a milestone here at Mrs Plumbridge HQ.

Gardeners World has started for spring on BBC2 on a Friday evening so all in all my life is complete. It always lifts me especially the first minute when it pans from the BBC2 logo to that moment of beauty with the birds singing and the dogs trot along the path followed by Monty and his wheelbarrow in that utopia that is Longmeadow... sigh!

Anyway I digress...

It's been a creative time here at HQ I've been busying on Geraldine (my sewing machine) and my trusty pinking scissors making Easter Lovelies as you will see on the website. I always enjoy making the wreaths either for Christmas or seasonal they are completely different from all the other things I make, especially the rag wreaths as I use all kinds of fabric from all kinds of things, even blouses and shirts I may see along my explorations. Luckily I have so much fabric I haven't been hit too hard by the closures of the charity shops.

It feels good to use all this as it is such a good way to upcycle fabric and they are very therapeutic to make as I sit in my workroom listening to the Series of "Larkrise to Candleford" which is my choice of escapism from the unpleasant things going on outside, when I'm making at the moment.

I hope you like all my new goodies as I always try and put much love into making them.


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