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The Spring Green is emerging!

At last the Spring Green is emerging with that sense of promise for the coming seasons.

My wild garlic at the front never lets me down and it's delicious and our native arum lily is a bit peculiar but fascinating none the less, the birds love the red berries after. And of course my low maintenance chickens, what marvellous girls they are!

After a long time away from writing a blog (due to challenging times here at Mrs Plumbridge H.Q) I am decided to try and keep this a much more regular read. I'm hoping it is a sign that I am finally emerging from a very hard couple of years of terrible grief of the loss of my dear Husband (I was robbed way before my time) in turn I hope it will be cathartic for me and mainly I hope it will bring a glimpse of the funny little world of Mrs Plumbridge if all but a little joy to somebody out there struggling.

I am so pleased to see the plants shooting in the garden and of course! Gardeners World commencing on TV ( which is always a milestone needed friend on a Friday evening as it signifies the long awaited end to the gloom of Winter). Saying that I really don't mind any of the seasons, even the Winter as it has it's joys of cosying up in the dark evenings and lets face it nobody wants a stew in the Summer, only Winter is the time. A stew is a bringer of such comfort and sense of nostalgia. A throwback to a childhood when we had no worries or responsibilities. No fears of cost of living rises and not to be affected by the constant bad news that surrounds us. Being an adult is pants sometimes, so I tend to stay in the world of childhood frivolity as much as possible. Until I have to make adult phone calls to energy companies or renew insurances Blurrrrrr!!! I put it off and off and turn it into a demon until I can stand it any more!! How many of us do that I wonder??

I digress ... anyway things have been picking up here at Mrs P HQ. I have cleared out my greenhouse and will actually sow some seeds this year, which I haven't done in over 3 years, I think will be a real boon to my Mental Health ( as they say now ). Photos to follow of my progress.

I've been busy sorting all my workroom out (which is a demon in itself) trying to organise my storage so I can put more fabric on shelves instead of in a pile in the corner Pheww!! ( I had to have a cuppa soup after that!) but what a cleansing thing. I definitely feel better for doing that job although it has made me realise that I do have a hoarding fabric issue. But hey who cares. What joy to see it all there and know exactly what I have.

I've been sewing more of my Easter Bunting and Bunny Wreaths, such cheerful things I talk to the Bunny heads as I put them on ( The joy of being middle aged is that you can embrace your madness and just call it eccentricity!!) I almost feel a little tug on my heart string when they leave for their new homes as I feel they all have their on personality.

I'm sure many people will be feeling worried at the moment and a fear that they will not cope with it all mentally. I only have one thought in these times is to focus on what we have and not what we lack, have lost or cannot achieve. I know this sounds so crass and obvious, and perhaps a little patronising, but it is harder than we think sometimes. I take no joy in seeing others less fortunate than me. We all have our battles both internally and externally and I have had many in the past couple few years. But we are free we can smell the Spring air, we can see the Spring flowers and even in such difficult times, it's the striving to get through it that fuels our fire for life without us realising it.


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